December 5, 2012

Tis the season for .....trees

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! 

             ~~Owens Lee Pomeroy's here.  That time of year when putting up a tree is a holiday tradition filled with family memories.  The silver tinsel tree above is a favorite memory for me.  I remember seeing this tree as a child.  It through me for a loop.  I didn't know what to think.  I Saw it for the first time at my grandmothers house.  I looked at it with astonishment.  First at the tree--then at my grandmother making sure she was actually my grandmother, not an imposter from the planet Mars.  What happened to christmas, I thought?   Where is the green smelly pine fragrance?  Where is the prickly tree that brushes against my arms and legs as punishment for snooping at the presents under the tree? Where are the red stockings?  Where is all the ten thousand gawdy ornaments hanging off the limbs of the tree? Where are the candy canes?  Where is the popcorn strings?  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO CHRISTMAS??  What is wrong with my grandmother? 
I thought for sure Robots from Star Trek had taken over christmas--some tinsel-town mechanical pods had stolen the fir tree, the pine smell, the green needles and replaced it with some futuristic christmas tree that looked like it came from outer space and to top it off, the aliens were out to brainwash by color-coded trickery via the round red/blue/orange/green color wheel that spun slowly around and around the tree changing the color of the tree and hyptmotizing me into a state of complete madness until I saw multiple versions of Santa Clause all jacked up in a silver suit with mechanical reindeer.  I feared if I looked too close I'd be on the next spaceship to Saturn where Christmas celebrations involved moon jumping and lazer yuletides in the milkyway.  Not my idea of christmas. 
It took me awhile, but over time....I got used to the wacked out zany christmas tree and I must, years later, I wish I had that old silver tree to put in my living room.  Just for Nostaligia.  Memories, storytelling, sharing.  All of it sure brings back some memories.  Good ones at that.  The past was perfect in all it's imperfections.   Christmas.  Nostalgia.  Where a child still has a child-like heart. 

So....what are your tree decorations this year?  What is a Nostalgic moment for you?

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