December 11, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like....


Come on down and get Merry! 

While your at it check out all the new items!  Look for sale booths too!  You might find a great deal to put in the stocking or under the tree! 

Swirls of red Candy hang on the tree with care.
But it won't last long.
Laura has a sweet tooth...
Better  hurry before it's gone! 

Under the tree branches the presents await......for a crystal glass fanatic to snatch them up in haste...

The DEAL Tree!  Come by our wishing tree! "Twinkle twinkle little tree...Show me what to buy for me.  Help me spend my money well.  So my husband won't gripe and yell.  Twinkle twinkle little tree.  Find that deal just for me. 

And the stockings were hung by the cubbard of cups...

the snowman was waiting for the snow to arrive....

And Santa's were waiting to be snatched up for cider! 

And this table ....well, it's just Beautiful! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Come on down and look around.  Put the Merry in Christmas! 

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