November 30, 2012

What's behind that door....

Need stocking stuffers?  We got 'em. 

Want something different, edgy but current, old but modern appeal? 

How about an old key necklace.  Pair it up with some snazzy old jewels.  BLING!

Be careful with that stuff, though.  It's christimas time.  We wouldn't want you to land planes or down Santa with all that shine coming off your silver and sparkle. 
TOO MUCH BLING!  (...and southern ladies from East Texas clear down to Alabama shouted, "There is no such thang!  no such thang, I tell ya."  )

There is just something about an old key.  Where its been.  The wonders and amazing fascination of what marvelous or mysterious things it held under lock and key, under the lid, in the cabinet, behind the door. 

Have you ever unlocked one of those old doors with the large skeletal keys?  The atmosphere almost changes around you.  Swoosh!  Breath!  Swoosh! 
It is the most unique sound.  Alluring, mysterious, as if Narnia was as close as opening the door.  

Discover the magic today! Pair your key with a simple necklace.   Find your special Something at Heritage Antiques.   

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