October 2, 2012

The Perfect HIS and HER vacation!

I have the perfect HIS and HER vacation for you! 

Jump on  His and Her bikes!

Travel around the globe!  His bike--His world--his globe!
                                     Her bike--Her world--her globe! 
                                     His venus--her Mars! 

Then come on back and relax in a glorious bubble bath in His and Her claw foot iron tubs! 

Talk about your trip!  Listen to him talk about football, and lions and tigers and bears!
                                Listen to her talk about shopping, and food and glam and glitz! 

Yes!  Heritage Antiques has become the global vacation specialist!  We are the time machine of travel as far back as you can imagine.  We can take you back in time.  We have a large abundant selection of antiques from all over the world. 

So come on down and experience the past!...and the future! 

Take a trip with us. 

Your bikes, your travel globe and your bubble bath are waiting! 

We can't wait to see you !  Come shop today! 

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