September 29, 2012


We all know that a covered patio or deck is one of the nicest places to sit and enjoy a wonderful summer day, but now that fall has arrived, everyone is spending more time outdoors. 

There is nothing better than a cool crisp morning in fall with a cup of coffee. 
There is nothing better than a cool crisp evening in fall on the patio with great lighting.

Toss that old porch light away and come on down to Heritage antiques and grab yourself a chandelier!
We have some gorgeous ones that would look great on your porch or patio.

Yes.  A chandelier not only looks great IN a home....but outside your home.  What an elegant touch a beautiful chandelier would make on a patio.  Enjoy a fall night with some great lighting with friends. 

Many times a patio is the simplest and barest part of a home, so why not spruce it up with some bling and sparkle.  Put a little class and elegance in its decor.  This is a great way to add a festive touch and some great lighting effects to your property. 

Check out these great vintage Chandeliers.  One of them is bound to add a lot of BLING to your patio!

Happy Fall everyone! 

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