February 7, 2013

I Heart you!

Remember those old Valentine cards we used to trade in elementary school? 

Check yes or no.

Those words could absolutely evoke fear in a sixth grader.  It's as if our whole life, our complete identity relied on the answer to those four words.  I don't know about you but I couldn't wait till elementary school was over and that trading tradition was over with.  Haha.

This trading card tradition dates back to the Middle ages.  However, it wasn't until the 1400s that the first sentimental poems were put on paper. The idea flourished and over the centuries sending Valentine Day cards has grown to huge proportions. In fact, it is estimated by the Greeting Card Association that the number of Valentine's Day cards sent each year is approximately one billion.   Wow! 

So in addition to sending your love a mushy-gushy love sentiment in paper and words.... why not solidify it with a fabulous gift from Heritage Antiques and Art Studio!   You'll find a huge assortment of gift ideas, one of a kind artwork and much more, plus a great staff to help you find just the perfect little or big surprise!  Come on down today and let's shop! 
We'll help you find the right fit. 

Have a happy Love filled Valentines day and I hope your answer is YES!

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