October 10, 2012

Tickled Pink with Antiques!

Everyone has their favorite color!  How about some pretty in pink?  It's so Girly! 
I feel like picking flowers and running barefoot in the grass!  I feel like turning cartwheels! 

Warning:  Pink will make you feel sixteen again! 

Whoops!  note to self:  You are not sixteen.  Are you kidding me? Do not even attempt a cartwheel.  No back bends either!  Flip-flops are allowed, but only on your feet, and pink ones at that.  Do you hear me?  No cartwheels.  Don't!  Notta!  No!  

 Okay, eehhhhh...on second thought maybe I should rethink the cartwheel, but hey, ...I can still glob on some pink lipstick and curl my hair and top it off with a pink daffadil.  I can spray on some pink perfume, I can write on some pink stationary with a pink feather pen.  I can lay on a pink pillow and slip on some pink fluffy slippers and talk all day on a pink telephone.   I can hold a pink stuffed bunny rabbit and I can nibble on pink jelly beans.  Yum!  Yes--Pink does that to me.  It makes me feel special, loved, adored.  I think of music, laughter and love letters.
Pink helps me reflect on somber thoughts too, like those little pink ribbons for those who've battled with cancer, and some who've lost and for those still battling!  I pause..I ponder.  I can't help but think if a prayer was colorful it would be a dusty pink, ...In my mind, it is.  So I pray a pink prayer and it floats to heaven on a pink cloud to the pink throne! 

So ladies, is your decor missing something? Are you feeling down?  I think you need PINK!
Come on down to Heritage Antiques!
We have loads of pink as you can see by these pictures!  Browse awhile!  You just might find your favorite color in a cozy little corner!  You'll be tickled Pink before the week is over! 

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  1. I see Honey's booth in the photo's. She always has cute pink things.