July 22, 2012


I am an old church pew. My life I gave to serve the lives of men. From a great tree to a consolation of service in grace, love and mercy for humans. Redeemed by a King I was destined to be more…more than a tree in the woods, more than a lounge chair or a wooden bed frame and more than a dining table. I was purposed to be useful in the sanctuary of God. I was chosen to sit…to be…to witness the silence of the nights in the temple, the holy hush of prayers, the weeping of broken hearts, the laughter and the joyful praise of his people.
 In my lifetime I have heard stories of heartbreak, faith, hope and love. I am old…I have seen the world change all around me and I have seen people change….but God…he never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His churches have changed and that, of course, is why I find myself here–in an Antique shop, admired by strangers, passed over by saints and sinners but I have no family.

I am here. I am an old church pew. I wait to serve.

In my lifetime I have watched babes reborn and old men washed white as snow. I have seen darkness turn to light and souls plucked from the fire. I have felt the weight of sin, the heaviness of the world in the hearts of man–yet I still serve because I have also seen redemption and the hardness of hearts softened. I have seen and felt love. I have seen weddings, baptisms and the portals of heaven reach out to accept those who’ve passed over. I held little toddlers wiggly bodies and propped up old men’s bones and labored under wrinkled little ladies with flowery perfume. Little babies have slept in my embrace and old men have snored, … loudly. I have seen couples in love and those who longed to find it. I have caught the tears of widows who feel the pain of an empty seat beside them–husbands long gone to heaven. I have heard the whispered prayers of many a troubled man and felt the fear of those whose hearts were fainting with hopelessness. Prayers and praise. Love and Mercy. Grace and forgiveness. I have seen it all. I have been useful.

I have served but my usefulness is not over…I am an old church pew.

I remember days of old. The congregation rises to sing. My planks creak from the lifted weight. I hear the hymnal pages crackle and snap from wear and tear of age, as old as I. Then the organ rings out rumbling across the pews and the Hallelujahs shouts command the air and the spirits of a thousands holy ghosts rise in joyful noise. I have heard all the greats… How Great thou Art….Come as you are….Amazing grace…Jesus loves me and more.

I am an old church pew. I wait.

I sit in this Antique yard waiting to hear a prayer, a song, a laugh, a sermon, catch a tear, hear a snore, feel the breath of a newborn….something. I wait.
I am aged, cranky, creaky and well worn.
I am filled with stories generations old.
I am an old church pew.

I wait on my next mission to serve. I will be patient. I will trust I am where I should be, for now. I will go back in memory to all those things of my past, those faithful ones, troubled and joyful souls, saints and sinners upon whom I have served. I remain faithful in my position. I will remember. I will have hope of years to come because I have witnessed the redemption of lives passed.

Until I serve again. I am an old church pew but I am still useful.
I will serve and I will sing that old song.

Take my life and let it be. Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
Take my moments and my days, Let them flow in ceaseless praise.
Let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my will and make it Thine,
It shall be no longer mine; Take my heart, it is Thine own,
                               It shall be Thy royal throne. It shall be Thy royal throne.
                                                                 ~ Fowler Robertson, Author

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  1. I can actually imagine a church pew saying these things if they were allowed to express their sentiments. Having to live for long years would definitely earn them a lot of insights, mostly observations on churchgoers. This is very witty!

    -->Earnestine Kettering