April 23, 2012

Some very special pieces

Great old clawfoot bathtub, solid and fresh on the inside, needs derusting and/or paint on the outside.
 Add plumbing fixtures and you're ready to go!  Price is $225

This pew came from a local Lufkin church.  It was handmade in the 30's or 40's by a Mr. Thompson.  So nice, and the history is all written down for you.
 Price is $395

Oh my.  Look at this turn-of-the-century fainting couch!  Its original leather is still in good shape although it's a little stiff (wouldn't you be if you were 110 yrs old?).  Great price - $1750.

For goodness sake.  How did this picture of my granddaughter get in here?  :) 

Well, come on in and see these great items I've shown you. Of course, they only touch the surface of all that is in here. Oh, by the way, we've opened an outside backyard....

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