March 20, 2012

A Rousing, Browsing Weekend in Lufkin!

Things are really gearing up for the Lufkin Antiques Weekend this spring.   Scheduled for the 2nd weekend of April, this looks to be the biggest and best so far!   There are 2 semi-annual warehouse sales on Friday and Saturday, both of which are always anticipated by our locals.

 Saturday is the Vintage Flea Market in the big parking lot of yours truly, Heritage Antiques.  Some of our great regulars will be there, but as usual we have some new blood, too.  Other downtown shops will have special sidewalk sales and receptions. Any location can give you a map to all the others. You couldn't possible go away from downtown Lufkin empty handed!   So, join in the fun.  Come spend a rousing, browsing weekend in Lufkin - it's the LAW!

   Heritage Antiques - vintage flea market
   Hicks Antiques - warehouse sale
   The Wishing Well - warehouse sale
   A Furniture Fetish - sidewalk sale
   Maricela's Forgotten Treasures - sidewalk sale, refreshments
   Mama Tried - special sales
   Lufkin Custom Lamps & Shades
   Lufkin Antique Mall - indoor/outdoor sale


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  1. Sounds like so much fun...I sure wish I could come.