January 22, 2012

Pickin' in Central Texas

What a blast to dig through 3 large rooms, several back hallways and even a meat locker full of junk and antiques!  That's what I got to do this past weekend, thanks to my loving and hard working son who arranged this pick with his in-law family. 
The site was Bartlett, Tx, the home of the BEST hamburger anywhere at "Lois & Jerry's". The home was a lovely 1930's 2-story stucco with a delightful back house that had been created by the Grandpa and filled with decades worth of his projects, hobbies and estate sale finds.
    In the initial walk thru, I pointed out the large items that my son and husband could carry out to the driveway.  We found 2 old mantels, a couple of awesome front doors, cabinets, an antique cash register, several large cast iron wash pots, a big ol' floor scale, windows, a chair or 2 and a sweet full size garden gate/door.  While they did that haulin', I did the close up diggin around.  This uncoverd doorknobs, deerhorns, chandeliers, pots, tools, horse gear, meat hooks of all sizes, ....well, all kinds of stuff!  Was I having a blast!?!   Once we (they) got it all loaded into the trailer, we pulled it back to Lufkin and unloaded it here at the store.   Now begins the cleaning, research, and pricing to have it all ready for you guys.   Come and see!

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