November 20, 2011


How thankful I am for all that God has allowed and provided in establishing this business.  Sometimes, when I'm walking through the shop turning on lights, I see things that remind me how many people contributed to our start-up - friends who cleaned, carried, moved stuff, or who worked on getting electrical connections in key places, or who painted and painted - strangers who gave me advice and encouragement as I went through the government hoops of setting up a business - dealers who came along side me and have added such beauty and experience - acquaintances who helped spread the word of our opening - professionals who led me into advertising appropriately.  so many wonderful contributions.  But I guess I have been most surprised by how affected I have been by customers who have been so complimentary and friendly.  Each day is a joy as all different kinds of folks come through and add a little to our atmosphere, and often to my growing knowledge of the antiquing world.  Antiquers are the greatest.  I am so grateful to be among you!

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