October 4, 2011

Goings on in and around Heritage Antiques

Hey, friends!

I have several tidbits to share with you: One is that we've finally opened our outside backyard for business! You can find windows, screens, old plows, porch railings.. all that kind of rustic outside stuff. We are taking consignments there, too, at a 70/30 split, so just let me know if you want to stick something out there. In nice weather, the door will be open, but if it is shut, feel free to go on out.

If you are interested in old cameras, we've just put out a new display with several different kinds.

October is "Entertainment in the Park" month, where different area musical artists perform each Friday at Calder Square in downtown Lufkin during the lunch hour. Lunches are available for purchase, but you are free to bring your own (and bringing your own chair is a good idea, too).
This Friday our good friend, Bryan Harkness, is playing so I'll be down there for sure!

And..our good friends at A Furniture Fetish are moving downtown to be in the middle of all the fun that has been developing with so many new businesses! They are having their grand opening this Saturday (Oct 8) in the old Quality Bargains building at the corner of Angelina and Shepherd. You can just walk down the alley between the two of us!
And of course, I want to remind you of our participation in Lufkin Antiques Weekend, Oct 21 - 22, with our own Vintage Flea Market out in our front parking lot from 9 - 2 on Saturday. We still have room for more vendors, too. Call if interested. There will be several other venues with antiques and vintage items out for sale, so make downtown Lufkin your destination that weekend.

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