August 26, 2010

Coming up on our first Birthday!

Gosh.  This time last year, we were still shoveling dust, painting walls, washing windows, moving furniture, unpacking boxes, setting up computer, rewiring outlets, arranging booth spaces and all else that needed to be done in order to open our doors.  It was such a special time, because God was blessing each day in unexpected ways.  There were so many small obstacles, but one by one, God showed us how to get around, over or through them.  I'm smiling right now thinking about that time.
      And so many people lent a hand in all of it, many with nothing to gain personally.  I have thanked everyone, I think, but I just have to say it again, "Thank you to my friends, coworkers and community folks who did your part in opening Heritage Antiques!"   What a blast this first year has been. :)   Our Birthday celebration will be all week, Sept 13 - 18 and it will be wonderful if those reading this blog could drop by for a piece of birthday cake.  Hope to see you!

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