July 26, 2010

This time last summer

I received a notice from the bank today that 1 year ago, I opened the account for Heritage Antiques. Wow. At that time, I had NO idea what I was getting into :) I was taking one step at a time, asking for God's leading the whole way. He led me to wonderful Lufkin people at each juncture who gave me tidbits of information and encouragement, so that I went from someone who knew absolutely nothing about business to some one who actually owned and operated a viable business!
For sure, the best thing about the whole experience, besides seeing God work so faithfully on my behalf, has been meeting and getting to know each one of my dealers. Some of you are ones who helped clean this place up so you really know "from whence we came."!     But a close second has been meeting so many nice, happy, knowlegeable, friendly customers.  Antiquers are the best!

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